Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

You may not think much about garage door openers--after a while, they become such a part of your daily routine that it's easy to automatically push that button every time you pull in and out of the garage. But if something goes wrong with your garage door opener, it's immediately obvious how much importance these machines have in your daily life--and how complicated their inner workings are. Here at North Texas Garage Doors and Gates, serving Arlington and Hurst, we're proud to carry a number of high-quality garage door openers from various brands.

How Do Garage Door Openers Work?

garage-door-opner-repairGarage door openers may seem like a relatively simple idea (we imagine that, soon after the first garage door owner got tired of getting out of the car to lift up the door yet again, the idea of a machine to open garage doors was thought up--though it wasn't until 1926 that the electric overhead garage door opener was invented). However, they're really incredibly complex. Although the operator (that is, the part on the ceiling that contains the motor) powers the system, it's the torsion spring that does the grunt work, providing the strength needed to open and close the door. The operator itself is still complex, containing the motor and gears, drive guide, height adjustment, and the inverter and battery. Other parts include the tracks, the door arm, the belt (or chain or screw), and the emergency release rope--not to mention the door itself and the mounting hardware. These all work together to create a smooth system--and just one part being out of whack can make the entire garage door opener inoperable.

Ready to Upgrade Your Door Opener?

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How Safe Are Garage Door Openers?

Garage door openers are safer now than ever--both in terms of physical safety and safety of your property. As far as safety from injuries goes, every garage door opener manufactured since 1993 has, according to federal law, a secondary reversing system. This means that the garage door will reverse if it's either met with a certain amount of pressure of if sensors detect anything in the door's path.

There's another safety question that many have about garage door openers: is it easy to hack the signal? In the past, this was a real worry, as garage door openers cycled through just a few codes, making it relatively easy for someone to find the code and get into your garage that way. However, modern garage door openers cycle through billions of different combinations, never reusing a previous one. This means that hacking into the garage door opener remotely to break into your garage is a task that's next to impossible.

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