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Here at North Texas Garage Doors and Gates, serving Arlington and Hurst, we offer so many services--and we're proud to offer these services to residents from Euless, Bedford, and beyond! If you have a problem related to a garage door or a gate, we can help! Take a look at some of our gate and garage door services for common problems, then be sure to come to North Texas Garage Doors and Gates!

Garage Door Tune-Ups

You may not think about your garage door often (until something goes wrong, that is), but we invite you to participate in this mental exercise. Think about how often you drive your car, and then think about how often it needs service to keep it running at its best. Now think about your garage door and opener, which is another large piece of machinery. How often do you open and close it? How often do you get it serviced? Fortunately, you don't need to have your garage door serviced as often as you have your car serviced--but you should make sure it gets an annual tune-up. The professionals here at North Texas Garage Doors and Gates, serving Mansfield, will be glad to perform this important garage door service, including a safety check and a test to make sure that everything is functioning as it should be. Customers agree that this service helps ensure longevity!

Garage Door Off-Track? We'll Repair It!

If your garage door has come off its track, it's important that you trust the experts. Amateur garage door repair may seem like it can save you a few dollars, but it can be incredibly complex (not to mention dangerous), and one wrong move can make the situation worse. If the garage door is off its track, it can damage the door or vehicles--so stop using it and call North Texas Garage Doors and Gates immediately!

Cables Off the Drum? Call Us

A cable that has come off the drum can make your garage door crooked, uneven, or even unable to work properly--and attempting to repair it yourself is incredibly dangerous. One wrong move can send the torsion spring shooting out, causing massive property or personal damage. Fortunately for you, the technicians North Texas Garage Doors and Gates are experts in this kind of garage door service, and will be glad to quickly and efficiently help put the cable back on the drum. There's never a bad time to call North Texas Garage Doors and Gates!

Broken Spring? Trust the Experts

Any type of garage door repair can be dangerous--after all, the garage door and opener is made up of a heavy falling door and a complex machine with lots of moving parts and power--but replacing a broken torsion spring is especially dangerous, and something you should never attempt yourself. Though the motor powers the opener, the torsion spring is what actually gives the opener the strength it needs to raise and lower the door. As such, it's under a tremendous amount of pressure. If that pressure is released, a torsion spring can easily put a hole through a car, a wall, or a person. Don't put your property or your life at risk: call North Texas Garage Doors and Gates, serving Southlake, for repairs.

Broken Chain? We'll Fix It!

Is the chain on your garage door broken? We'll have it repaired or replaced in no time! The chain is connected to a gear, but when it breaks it can't open the door. The expert garage door service technicians at North Texas Garage Doors and Gates specialize not only in garage door chains, but also belts and screws. Call North Texas Garage Doors and Gates for all your garage door needs!

Genie Garage Door Opener Grinding? Call Us

Is your Genie garage door opener grinding? Broken or worn-down teeth on the trolley can often lead to a grinding sound that's only a sign of worse things to come. Stay on top of things by calling North Texas Garage Doors and Gates, serving Grapevine, to come look at the opener. We'll perform whatever repairs you need and get your Genie garage door opener up and running again in no time!

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